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Healthy Ecosystems

Supporting organizations and researchers to improve biodiversity in Canadian landscapes

The Challenge

Canada is losing biodiversity at an alarming rate as a result of land practices, pollution and climate change. Biodiversity is an indicator of ecosystem health and plays a critical role in providing food, water, energy and medicine. Global decline in biodiversity is now understood to be one of the most serious environmental issues facing humanity. If we continue to lose biodiversity, we will see devastating effects on our climate, water quality, flood control, and our ability to produce food.

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Our Goal

To significantly restore and protect biodiversity in Canadian landscapes leading to environmental outcomes with long-term impacts. Specifically:

  • We aim to enable land and water practices and behaviours that increase ecological sustainability.
  • We aim to encourage increased awareness, knowledge and appreciation of ecosystem services provided by Canadian landscapes.

Our Approach

Our Healthy Ecosystems Strategy aims to restore and protect biodiversity in Canada’s wild, agricultural and urban lands. We seek out organizations that have the potential to grow to address the changing environmental needs in Canada. And we look for landscape-scale opportunities for maximum impact in biodiversity conservation.

We also support emerging and established Canadian researchers to further our understanding of how we can protect and restore the most ecologically valuable lands across the country.

We have determined three approaches to help guide our work:

  • Identify landscapes that have significant ecological value and are highly threatened
  • Advance knowledge and awareness of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Support opportunities for improved stewardship of Canada’s landscapes

Our Healthy Ecosystem Initiatives

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Environmental Stewardship

Landscape photograph of forest and mountains in the north of Canada

Northern Science and Research