Environmental Stewardship

Supporting the long-term sustainability of biodiverse Canadian landscapes

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What We Do

Environmental Stewardship has been at the heart of the Foundation for more than three decades. Early conservation projects like Waterton Park Front, Old Man on His Back, Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie, Musquash Estuary and Backus Woods taught us the importance of science-based conservation and engaging communities to ensure long-term outcomes and impact.

As a part of our Healthy Ecosystems Strategy, we aim to enable organizations and private landowners to be good stewards of our most valued ecosystems across Canada. To achieve this, we look for opportunities in intact wild lands, agricultural lands, and urban greenspaces to protect species at risk habitat, restore degraded landscapes and engage Canadians in the natural world around them.

Landscape photograph of Waterton Park in Alberta, Canada.
Waterton Park Front, Alberta

What We Fund

Although our work is continuously evolving, currently we have three priorities for our funding:

  1. Key Biodiversity Areas
    Increased protection and improvement of highly-threatened, ecologically important biodiversity areas
  2. Sustainable Agriculture
    Increase in acres of agricultural lands managed with sustainable and ecologically-based practices that support biodiversity
  3. Biodiversity research and education
    Increasing our understanding of contributions to ecosystem health, and increasing the number of Canadians who understand and value biodiverse ecosystems

On April 11, 2022 we launched the Weston Family Soil Health Initiative. Please see our Grant Calls page for more information.

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